Bounce-A-Palooza is for Children 12 and Under

Currently located in The Bayshore Mall in Eureka, Bounce-a-Palooza offers 5-7 giant inflatables to bounce, jump and slide on. 
All children must be accompanied by an adult, all adults must be accompanied by a child.

An adult or teen may ONLY be in an inflatable to accompany/assist a child 5 or younger/Special Needs.
They may not jump or bounce but they may climb and slide with their child.

     1. SMILE You are on Video Surveillance      
2. An Adult must Stay on site at all times*
3. Socks must be worn at all times on all inflatables
4. Please remove sunglasses
5. No Outside Drinks or food past the fence.
6. NO ADULTS in the Toddler Bouncer!

There are other rules once you enter the facility but these are the ones we want all of our guests to be especially aware of before they enter.

Any questions? Please call the office (707)444-8488

Thank You!

*Certain Exclusions Apply.


Monday- Thursday









$9.20 per Hour*
$6.70 per Half Hour*
$14.99 Day Pass*

​*Per Child

​Please check the Specials page for Discount Days and Reduced Price Deals